Slim Feeder Models:

Slim Pneumatic Feeder:

The Slim Pneumatic feeder has the same functionality as the standard Pneumatic Feeder. You can both single and batch feed.

Feed amount can still be adjusted by raising or lowering the floor of the feed chamber or by using the slide on the side of the hopper.

The feeder is more compact than the standard feeder. The body depth of the Standard feeder is 160mm where the slim feeder is 125mm.

The feed can vary approximately between 0.175Kg up to 1.35Kg .Depending on feed type.

The feeder hopper holds approx.50Kg which is the same as the standard feeder! .

Each feeder comes complete and needs no assembly on site, only to be bolted to the wall and tubed. Included in a standard feeder are
the stainless steel chutes at a standard 20",  hopper cover, all tubing and the control panel.

The  Slim Feeder is also available in a Manual Feeder model which is controlled by a rope and pulley for each stall.

   Showing the Standard and the Slim Pneumatics side by side...




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