Cashman Engineering produce three main products for in-parlour feedeing.
  1. Manual,
  2. Pneumatic. Pneumatic Feeders can now be future proofed if you wish to change to Feed-to-Yield in the future...
  3. Electronic feeders.
Both the Pneumatic and Manual Feeder are now also manufactured as a Slim Model.
In this case the feeder is slightly more compact...

 The most popular feeder by far is the Pneumatic feeder:
 Up to 90% of feeders sold are pneumatic. They are robust and reliable. 
 The Standard feeder comes with a  stainless steel body and chutes and a glavanised steel hopper and cover. 

 Both the Manual and Pneumatic feeder can be set to any amount between 0.245Kg and 1.85Kg.
 The dispensed amount can be adjusted easily.

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