The Pneumatic Feeder:

  • Dispenses a wide range of feed produce.
  • No waste of feed.
  • Simple installation.
  • Individual Stall Feed.
  • Batch Feed - All feeders dispence feed at same time.
  • Can be linked to any Auto ID system or milk meter.
  • Available in Stainless Steel with Galv Hopper.
  • Available as complete Stainless Steel feeder.
  • The Pneumatic Feeder in the Milking Parlor:

    This image shows one side of a 40 Unit parlor.
    This was split up into two sets of 20 feeders per side. 
    The Stainless Steel chutes were made longer at 29"

    The feeders are controlled by a push-button panel as shown in the image. 
    The feeders can dispense per stall or per batchfeed.
    Batchfeed panel:

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