The Electric Auger Feeder has been available since 1994. As with the Pneumatic feeder the it can be controlled using our own system , in this case the Master Control System, or it can be integrated in to any of the Milk-Metering, Feed-to-Yield and Auto ID systems that are available from and milking machine manufacturers.

It is manufactured with a stainless steel casing and with the choice of either a galvanized hopper or a stainless steel hopper.

The Master Control system allows you to Batch and Single feed from a single control panel. By pressing the feed amount it automatically steps up to the next stall and allows you to feed all of one side different amount at once.

          Seen here it has been integrated to a Milk-Metering system :

          This system also has longer chutes approx 1.4m long.

          The standard chutes are stainless steel and 1m long.

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